Jeff is on a mission to help YOUR students be equipped with the knowledge and abilities to keep safe wherever they are.

jeffThe Sexual Assault Prevention Program is a FUN informative experience that Engages students with a beneficial outcome that literally EMPOWERS every participant with Confidence and students raving for more. Jeff Ellis has taught several thousand people that include college students, college faculty, children and adults of all ages in martial arts and self-defense training.

His 20 years spent as an adjunct professor at Baldwin-Wallace University gives him a unique ability to relate to college students. He is the founder of the very popular “Don’t Be A Victim.”Anti-Assault Workshops For Women and Teenage Girls. Over 10,000 Women have attended this program as seen on ABC, NBC, FOX TV. Currently, an 8th degree black belt grandmaster instructor in karate and a senior master level black belt in 5 other martial art disciplines. His martial arts education and training is extensive and far reaching.

Beginning as a teenager, Jeff’s personal experience spans more than 45 years with martial arts. Jeff has taken the secrets he has discovered that literally help keep students safe from harm .In addition to speaking at College’s, Jeff is a sought after program speaker for youth groups, elementary schools, organizations, associations, including women’s groups. He also speaks for businesses and corporations as a professional motivational speaker & author.
Jeff also operates and instructs family owned martial arts centers with two locations in southwest and western Cleveland, Ohio